Facts of the track

Information longjump/triple jump

total length:
72.30 m / 83.30 m
25t (inclusive 12t of sand)
drop zone:
11 m / 22 m
takeoff- board:
massive oak
addit. escape:
3 m
Long jump with laser line

Information pole-vault

vert deviation:
2 mm (maximal)
max. length of 50.50 m Mondo (certified by IAAF)
1.50 m
8 x 6 x 0.8 m (certified by IAAF)
10.50 x 7.50 m
Equipment pole vault

Records on the FlySwat


4.60 m
Fabiana Murer, BRA (11. Int. Golden Roof Challenge 2015)
5.93 m
Renaud Lavillenie, FRA (Salzburger Cityjump 2015)


6.83 m
Elena Sokolova, RUS (8. Int. Golden Roof Challenge 2012)
8.18 m
Markus Rehm, GER (12. Int. Golden Roof Challenge 2016)

Speed record

37.2 km/h
Elena Sokolova, RUS
41.4 km/h
Mauro da Silva, BRA


The FlySwat can be applicated in the following combinations:

Pole vault with runway up to 50.60 m

Long jump with runway up to 50.60 m

Triple jump - optional with 7, 9, 11 or 13 m take off board

Pole vault and long jump with runway up to 50.60 m

Running track up to 100 m with impact protection mat

Runway - can also be used for showacts and fashion-parades(can be set into competition-mode within 2 hours)

Mobile High jump at Pro 7 Show Beginner gegen Gewinner

All elements of the FlySwat are certified by the IAAF.